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Earn at least 50% commission on all services for your first few cuts. The better your performance, the higher your commission will go. 

High earning potential - between $50-$100 per haircut

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Having the flexibility to make extra money while I’m free is incredible...meeting other world-class stylists on Dapper has helped me get better
— Dylan


  • Where will I be cutting hair? 
    We're unlike traditional barbershops in that we don't have a physical location. Instead, you'll travel to the guests' hotel or home.
  • Where in the hotel or home will I be cutting hair?
    Whichever room has the best lighting! This is the ultimate convenience for the guest and shows the premium and luxurious level of service we provide.
  • How can I be sure I'll be safe while cutting hair in the guests' room?
    Your safety is incredible important to us. We will constantly monitor your location and time spent at each appointment which allows us to have a firm grip on safety. Additionally, when traveling to a hotel, the front desk will be alerted of each Dapper appointment for extra safety measures.
  • Can I use my own tools and equipment to cut hair?
    Absolutely! We recommend that all professionals use their own tools for familiarity and comfort. 
  • Do I clean the hair after the appointment?
    Absolutely! Our guests deserve the best possible experience. That comes with leaving their personal, private room completely clean and sanitary after the haircut. 
  • What other hair services can I perform for our guests?
    For now, we're sticking to haircuts and beard trims. Please let us know what other services you'll like to perform. 
  • What commission percentage will I start earning immediately?
    Right off the bat, you'll start earning 50% commission on all services.
  • How do I raise my commission to 80%?
    We have an algorithm that takes things like cut rating from the guest, cleanliness, timeliness, professionalism, and more.  
  • Can I refer other professional barbers or cosmetologists to join the Dapper Network? 
    Absolutely! For every hair professional that is on-boarded, you'll receive an extra 10% commission on the first three hair cuts they give.
  • Can customers specifically request for me to cut their hair?
    Not at the moment, but that's definitely something we'll have in the near future.  
  • Can I cancel appointments with guests? 
    Yes - If you feel like your safety is at risk or the conditions are improper than yes, you can cancel an appointment. 
  • How should we travel to the guests?
    Whatever works best for you! We have professional groomers who walk, bus, or drive to appointments. 
  • Can I cut multiple guests' hair during one visit to a hotel?
    Absolutely! We want to make it so when you go to cut one guests' hair, you have three more appointments lined up after that!

Did we miss a question you have? No worries, contact us and we'd be happy to answer any questions you have.